History of IAJ

The Institute for Administrative Justice (IAJ) was founded in 1972 to meet a critical need of the California Department of Social Welfare for hearing officer services. Since that time, IAJ has continued to expand its service components to meet the demands imposed upon administrative law agencies by legislative and judicial mandates. It is also responsible for developing and administering an array of projects for McGeorge School of Law in the broad field of administrative law. For over 40 years, IAJ has been providing training to administrative hearing participants, including hearing officers, ALJs, commissioners, deputy commissioners, advocates/case presenters, expert witnesses, and investigators. It is IAJ’s ability to combine a high level of expertise in both managing complex dispute resolution systems and training hearing personnel that has been the hallmark of its success.

Of the many programs and trainings IAJ has developed and run over the years, two in particular stand out: the California Special Education Hearing Office and the California Parole Advocacy Program (CalPAP). The Special Education Hearing Office was administered through a contract with the California Department of Education. IAJ employed hearing officers and mediators throughout the state to resolve disputes between school districts and parents of disabled children for 16 years. The award winning CalPAP was created by IAJ under contract with the State of California and was an expert in the field of parole representation services for over 9 years. CalPAP represented parolees in over 600,000 parole revocation proceedings, while maintaining 10 regional offices throughout California in close proximity to prisons and local county jails.